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The Wind-up Bird Chronicle #8*

a few weeks ago you were in the forest wandering among the silk cotton trees, their flaming red flowers littered on the path mirroring the passion in you; the various birds flitting on their branches calling softly to you, while … Continue reading

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A walk through tea gardens

The mist hangs down this Saturday morning as I step onto the wet, slushy path we walked on the moonless night before its ups and downs becoming clear to me now. You will leave soon, and I am inhaling the … Continue reading

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A Travelers Guide to Adventure

For the safest, most memorable, most adventurous travel experience you must Have an insurance policy, preferably one which will take care of health, accidents, loss of luggage, heart, mind and happiness on those days when the adventure seems unbearable and … Continue reading

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Hyderabad Heat

The heat in Hyderabad Is deceptively cool. It’s brilliance draws you out And you feel no sweat and no thirst. In the soft shade of the trees And in their gentle breeze, You feel pleasant and warm. But the warmth … Continue reading

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The bird has flown

once you were entirely mine – every bone, every muscle, every cell, every thought – was of me, from me. now you belong to this earth, it’s soil, it’s air, it’s water in you; taking from it thoughts and giving … Continue reading

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vast expanses of air between royal sturdy mountains, (which are a little temperamental sometimes, slipping and rumbling and such). decorated with cedar and pine, the slopes appear from afar like the head of a hedgehog. shades of green and brown … Continue reading

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wanderer, her friends called her for her eyes roved the horizon constantly. she liked to think of herself as warrior and her roving eyes the training of war; looking out for the dangers that lurked within the actions of enemies, … Continue reading

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