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This is ti- me, it never caresses us, it blazes our skin, burning our bated breath, turning our cheeks red; This is a spa- ce between you me; it grows, like the roots of an old banyan tree that our … Continue reading

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Things Left Behind

Words, that I string together into a rope ladder, and climb down into the well overflowing with darkness, where I sleep with no burdens; and upon awakening scramble in the dry earth for more words, for the ladder that has … Continue reading

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The Wind-up Bird Chronicle #8*

a few weeks ago you were in the forest wandering among the silk cotton trees, their flaming red flowers littered on the path mirroring the passion in you; the various birds flitting on their branches calling softly to you, while … Continue reading

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A room without a view

there is an elephant in one of the rooms inside my head. it’s big, with old, gentle eyes and ears that flap like flags in the wind; and clean, sharp tusks that belie its calm demeanour. the mahout displays him … Continue reading

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…and as you watch, time flows by never pouring out of its boundaries its surface calm, and identical from eternity to now, until you pierce its gentle facade and feel the lives beating inside, everything that gives them meaning – … Continue reading

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for all who lay around me withered, and lost to those who once knew who they were, and now barely remember for all the moments captured in the roots of trees hidden, and growing away below thick trunks, that have … Continue reading

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Inspired by ideas in “Kafka on the shore” and “A hundred years of solitude”. during the monsoons when it rains as if you only have to wait long enough and everything would end – life, love, pain, fear – time … Continue reading

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