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An ode to the copper pod trees of IIT Bombay

The humble copper pod Lines the streets of the IIT Bombay campus, A natural “infinite corridor” high above your sight. I sat beneath a tree today; I am sorry, I said to it, for I never saw you. I never … Continue reading

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When I moved countries I packed up books, notebooks and research papers from grad school still marked with the dreams of youth, stacked end to end in box after box and shipped, all the way from there to here, because … Continue reading

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The Surface

a one-year old stands in front of a mirror, smiles at the baby in it, who smiles back at him, gurgles a few words of hello, and reaches for his friend trapped inside the mirror world. the shiny surface thwarts … Continue reading

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imagine a length of thread, a small wooden ball – 3 cm in diameter and 100 gms in weight – tied to its end, suspended in air at a 35 degree angle, on the top of a mountain the wind … Continue reading

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The Wait

pieces of water, their molecules colluding with each other, keep their secrets close and adamantly lounge within their tender home. far away in the mountains, an old forlorn tree, her branches stooped and fragile, and almost on fire in the … Continue reading

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words from another poem

there are poems buried under sand dunes in the desert, she walked on the burning sand, pushing hard against the soles of her feet, while words flew from chapped lips; with nowhere to go, they fell on desert fires. the … Continue reading

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The fading of blossoms

the grumbling sounds of clouds at 2am seep into my pain-ridden sleep, reminding me of ice-cubes clinking in a glass of whisky before the alcohol numbs your consciousness. rain leaves the clouds and becomes a soundtrack, alternately gentle and turbulent, … Continue reading

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