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Litost (Czech) : (Milan Kundera described the emotion as “a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery.”) ___________________________________________________________________________ i wonder why with all the beautiful colors on the ground i notice the gray skies first … Continue reading

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we held time in our hands and made it stay still, like a cup of water waiting to be drunk, and painted memories on its surface, believing that, like water on a cool day, it wouldn’t change. *** i’ve read … Continue reading

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Someone told me recently, Imaginary things are obviously non-living. I wonder then, How come the warmth of your touch, the smell of your breath, the feel of your embrace, the sound of your voice, the light in your smile, Which … Continue reading

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vast expanses of air between royal sturdy mountains, (which are a little temperamental sometimes, slipping and rumbling and such). decorated with cedar and pine, the slopes appear from afar like the head of a hedgehog. shades of green and brown … Continue reading

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A note on what’s been happening – Part 1: Life as we know it.

Doing the salad post a couple of weeks ago, I was in the “zone”. The words were flowing off my finger tips and I was quite proud of what I wrote. The voice was natural and easy. I excitedly asked … Continue reading

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