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Things Left Behind

Words, that I string together into a rope ladder, and climb down into the well overflowing with darkness, where I sleep with no burdens; and upon awakening scramble in the dry earth for more words, for the ladder that has … Continue reading

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Muscle Memory

I have heard that the body has memory – walk, run, solve a Rubik’s cube, play piano, kiss – it’s all muscle memory; you can train your muscles to remember the doing of anything, until it is all one smooth … Continue reading

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Komorebi, or the sunlight filtering through the trees of leaves

meaning is the glimmer on a bunch of flowers hanging gingerly from the bough of a tree, as the rays of the sun trickle through the thinning foliage and fall on the rotating petals; it is the trellis the escaping … Continue reading

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Love is a bubble of soap and air, made from a special soapy solution or a special trick from the lips of a lover, an animated and radiant ball of air, its wet, taut surface reflecting blues, greens and reds … Continue reading

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