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Adventures au gratin.

I revisited an old favorite today. One of those dishes that when we were growing up, had come to epitomize the upward, cosmopolitan movement of the middle class. In my early teens, any party that you went to, you had … Continue reading

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Here are a few of my favorite foods.

Hot arhar dal with ghee ka tadka, Crispy, gingery cabbage, with pickle on the side. Peppery, garlicky tomato rasam with thinly sliced fried potatoes, These are a few of my favorite foods. Basmati rice and rajma ki dal, Boondi raita … Continue reading

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First Anniversary Part 2 – Discovering the foodie’s Mumbai.

Mumbai is a foodie’s dream. No really. I know yesterday I wrote about missing certain foods here. It’s true that I do long for some of the things I ate in the US. But that doesn’t take away from the … Continue reading

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First Anniversary Part 1.

Today June 21, it is exactly a year since we left San Jose, California, USA and moved to Mumbai, India. Un-fricking-believable, excuse the language. You keep hearing the phrase “time flies”. But as I grow older, I understand what it … Continue reading

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Weekend cooking.

This is the first time in 3 days I am using my computer. It has been that kind of weekend. We had family over for lunch on both days. So I was making preparations and cooking since Friday evening. There … Continue reading

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A new beginning.

Today we begin this blog anew. And to mark the occasion, I am thinking of another time in my life when I made a clean break and started afresh. In the summer of 2006, I grew desperate. The husband had … Continue reading

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Is this the end of the road?

This is post number 30 of my self-promised “30 stories for 30 days” project. It feels great to have seen this project to its completion. What was it all for though? Well, it was the midnight child of a hyper … Continue reading

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Tip of the hat to mom.

How can I write a food blog and not thank the person who first introduced me to food, literally and metaphorically. As a child, I took my mom for granted and hated her constant bickering about food – eat this, … Continue reading

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Indian sweets.

I am an ant; or at least was in another life time and will be again. I can smell the sugar from at least half a mile away and will join the other ants heading in the direction. I cannot … Continue reading

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Christmas fruitcake.

I don’t know why in the middle of monsoon season I am thinking of Christmas fruit cake. But this fruit cake was one of those childhood indulgences that we waited for all year. Like mangoes and litchis, only rarer. My … Continue reading

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