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A couple of days ago you invited me to join you in Timbuktu, a bar we had visited before, several times; As we entered, the place was a little crowded and Imagine Dragons sang Not Today in the background. The … Continue reading

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Empty Cafe at the End of the Corridor

This evening you sit at a table way up front unlike previous days, when your regular table is the one at the back, next to the railing, from where the soft breeze and violent rains sweep in at you, in … Continue reading

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A Travelers Guide to Adventure

For the safest, most memorable, most adventurous travel experience you must Have an insurance policy, preferably one which will take care of health, accidents, loss of luggage, heart, mind and happiness on those days when the adventure seems unbearable and … Continue reading

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A room without a view

there is an elephant in one of the rooms inside my head. it’s big, with old, gentle eyes and ears that flap like flags in the wind; and clean, sharp tusks that belie its calm demeanour. the mahout displays him … Continue reading

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Abhimaan (pronounced Obhimaan in Bangla): The original meaning was pride, but the current usage — anger, or something close to it, at being upset with a loved one. This one word is one whole chapter in any relationship, be it … Continue reading

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