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Life’s persistent questions.

This is a foodie blog, so I should be writing about my foodie adventures. What I should be telling you about was how I made some pretty interesting Bong food like Dhokar Dalna and Muri Ghonto or about the Date … Continue reading

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Today’s post is going to be a short meandering one. It’s way too late on Saturday night and everyone has gone to sleep. But I have to post something. The morning was quiet enough and then in the afternoon I … Continue reading

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Chutney and other sour stuff.

The title might seem lame but this is an ode to a now universal condiment originating from every corner of India. Each part of India has its own specialty be it the coconut chutney of the south, the garlic chutney … Continue reading

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Food for love.

There was a time during grad school when it seemed like nothing was going my way. I wasn’t getting any positive results to my experiments or publishing while my colleagues were. I barely passed my qualifiers. So I took a … Continue reading

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