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My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.

Home Life

“There’s an earthworm in the house, and its bleeding!”  My 10-year old calls out this morning. So what, I think to myself, yet another earthworm. I continue my sweeping, undeterred. “It’s bleeding so much.” he cries in a pained voice. I … Continue reading

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Sometimes …

A single word, An entire poem, Sits at the bottom of my screen. Sometimes Like Perhaps Reeking of unfinished sentences, Of unspoken circumstances, Of probable realities and likely falsehoods. Sometimes Has hope Even when one doesn’t know what comes after, A … Continue reading

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I am not nice.

Everyone wants a girl who is “nice”, A girl who will make them “very very happy”. To which I smirk and say, “I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry, but I will not make you happy.” So you can forget “very very happy”. … Continue reading

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Desires in the time of Coronavirus

I found some dried figs in my fridge a few weeks ago which have been in there for several months. I had bought them on one of my travels; it was so long ago that I can’t remember now where … Continue reading

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Someone once told meHe had rooms in his mind –A love in each room. Thinking of loveConfinedIn a room with windowsAnd no doors –Everything in it’s sightBut nowhere to flow –Makes breath stop in my throat. What is love,If not … Continue reading

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There is a deluge in Mumbai today Of words floating inside my voiceless mouth Of blood abandoning my tired body Of pictures crawling over my shivering skin Of rainwater pouring mercilessly on parched earth As if It were retribution For … Continue reading

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If I could I would Pour showers of water over the mirror That holds all the light that was once mine Wrest it clean of today, tomorrow and yesterday Especially yesterday Until the clouds emancipate to nothingness Free from the … Continue reading

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A meditation on transience

It’s spring and flowers are blooming everywhere. While I have always enjoyed being in the midst of nature, I had never been a keen observer of nature itself, appreciating rather the mood set by trees, shrubs and the sounds of … Continue reading

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An ode to the copper pod trees of IIT Bombay

The humble copper pod Lines the streets of the IIT Bombay campus, A natural “infinite corridor” high above your sight. I sat beneath a tree today; I am sorry, I said to it, for I never saw you. I never … Continue reading

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When I moved countries I packed up books, notebooks and research papers from grad school still marked with the dreams of youth, stacked end to end in box after box and shipped, all the way from there to here, because … Continue reading

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