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My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.

A meditation on transience

It’s spring and flowers are blooming everywhere. While I have always enjoyed being in the midst of nature, I had never been a keen observer of nature itself, appreciating rather the mood set by trees, shrubs and the sounds of … Continue reading

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An ode to the copper pod trees of IIT Bombay

The humble copper pod Lines the streets of the IIT Bombay campus, A natural “infinite corridor” high above your sight. I sat beneath a tree today; I am sorry, I said to it, for I never saw you. I never … Continue reading

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When I moved countries I packed up books, notebooks and research papers from grad school still marked with the dreams of youth, stacked end to end in box after box and shipped, all the way from there to here, because … Continue reading

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The lone bird at the top of A brown, jaded, leafless tree Tall and unbending above the green, Reaching into the blue. Discarded bags that once held cement, A length of rope, abandoned shoes Going nowhere on the brown ground, … Continue reading

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The world is too complicated let’s simplify it let’s make diagrams of reality with boxes and ovals and arrows connecting them and stick figures that represent the “stakeholders” put a part of life in each of them – work, love, … Continue reading

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Woman, you, whose inheritance is pain, loss and renewal; You, for whom the shedding of blood is normal, routine, expected; Who live with pain, who hug it to your body, cramping, crushing, aching and yet desired; You who live through … Continue reading

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What do I do?

As you go through life, you accumulate theories and models – of how the world works, how people behave, how you behave, what you like to eat, to do, to listen, to read and such. Granted, most of these theories … Continue reading

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