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…and as you watch, time flows by never pouring out of its boundaries its surface calm, and identical from eternity to now, until you pierce its gentle facade and feel the lives beating inside, everything that gives them meaning – … Continue reading

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For the one who came through me

You have turned but eight and already the labels have started – talented, friendly, disruptive, naughty – and be sure, there shall be more. From those who love you and those who don’t care; from friends and acquaintances and sometimes, … Continue reading

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Litost (Czech) : (Milan Kundera described the emotion as “a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery.”) ___________________________________________________________________________ i wonder why with all the beautiful colors on the ground i notice the gray skies first … Continue reading

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we held time in our hands and made it stay still, like a cup of water waiting to be drunk, and painted memories on its surface, believing that, like water on a cool day, it wouldn’t change. *** i’ve read … Continue reading

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Someone told me recently, Imaginary things are obviously non-living. I wonder then, How come the warmth of your touch, the smell of your breath, the feel of your embrace, the sound of your voice, the light in your smile, Which … Continue reading

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a pair set out together until one went off the beaten path he flew far and wide the leaves danced the stone rolled along here they all lie together in rest and peace i tried to fly all my life … Continue reading

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Foodie Aside: The Bitch in the House – Part 1.

I love not having Internet on my computer. No, seriously. I needed this no Internet break in Kolkata. Because I finally started reading a book that I’ve had with me for a couple of years. It’s been shared with everybody, … Continue reading

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