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When I moved countries I packed up books, notebooks and research papers from grad school still marked with the dreams of youth, stacked end to end in box after box and shipped, all the way from there to here, because … Continue reading

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An evening at the Bandra Wine Festival.

When I mentioned to hubby, rather casually, last Friday morning that the Bandra wine festival was happening over the weekend, I expected the usual – initial enthusiasm, host of phone calls to all the friends asking who wanted to go, … Continue reading

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More vacation indulgences.

I am sitting with a cup of coffee right now, which happens to be my favorite chilly, cloudy weather beverage and reflecting on the chilly, cloudy weather of Ranikhet. My aunt and uncle kept telling me that when the clouds … Continue reading

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First Anniversary Part 1.

Today June 21, it is exactly a year since we left San Jose, California, USA and moved to Mumbai, India. Un-fricking-believable, excuse the language. You keep hearing the phrase “time flies”. But as I grow older, I understand what it … Continue reading

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Is this the end of the road?

This is post number 30 of my self-promised “30 stories for 30 days” project. It feels great to have seen this project to its completion. What was it all for though? Well, it was the midnight child of a hyper … Continue reading

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