Abhimaan (pronounced Obhimaan in Bangla): The original meaning was pride, but the current usage — anger, or something close to it, at being upset with a loved one. This one word is one whole chapter in any relationship, be it between lovers or between parent and child or between siblings or friends. (Source: Telegraph)

I place a vessel of milk on the stove
to boil, as I do everyday;
and like everyday I watch
for but a few moments, its surface serene,
unmoving and unresponsive to the heat
searing its insides from somewhere below.

I know it will be few moments before
the bubbles line themselves at the perimeter,
as if ready for a grand performance,
and before the cream pushes to the top,
stretching itself across the surface,
barely managing to cover the liquid,
as it tries to contain the steam inside.

And a few minutes more before
the milk finds the energy
to push through the sheath of fat
and gush out of the vessel, landing
on the chilled surface of the counter,
breathing a sigh of relief.

And so I ignore it; and everyday
I am arrogant enough to believe
I can be back in the kitchen
just before the milk has had enough;
and yet everyday I am late.

For does not the milk have its pride?

About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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