Keeping it simple

Let’s talk –
Of the “situation” in Kashmir,
Of atrocities in Syria,
Of disillusionment in Manipur,
Of naxals and stone pelters,
Of the army and the police,
Of protestors and activists,
Of media, of politicians,
Of truths, half truths and post truths.

Let’s talk, let’s not stop;
Type, type, type,
Pause, breathe, continue.
What a great leader!
What great vision!
They deserve it!
But that won’t help matters!
So what is the solution?
Fighting violence with more violence?

And when we are done typing
Our indignation, our anger,
Our “well-considered” views,
Let’s not forget to sigh (in emoji),
What can we do,
Besides taking care of our families?
And then share pictures
Of our multi-crore rupee houses,
Every color coordinated
With every other one.
Every cushion, pillow, throw and rug
Firmly in its place.
Every wall adorned with the
Most “modern” pieces of art.

Let’s not forget to type wishes
For birthdays, anniversaries or interviews.
Let’s shower our words
On our family and friends
In our gigantic WhatsApp groups.
And then, make fun of their
Appearances, their life choices,
Their homes and personalities
On our private WhatsApp groups,
Which include “our” people,
And exclude the “others”.

Let’s keep our friends close,
And acquaintances closer.
Let’s party with them,
And go on trips,
Let’s drink, laugh and be merry,
Take selfies in the sunset,
At the top of the mountain,
On the shore of the giant ocean.
But let’s keep reality at bay,
And pretend that sorrow doesn’t exist.
Let’s do this by ignoring
The friend in pain,
The friend who needs help,
The friend who is sick,
The friend in whose heart
Grief has ripped a hole so big,
That his smile gets lost in it.
Because that’s what family is for, after all.
Blood is thicker than alcohol,
Which along with affection,
Is peed away at the end
Of every long nights party.

Let’s love with abandon and plenty.
Let’s talk –
No let’s type heart to heart, until 2am.
Let’s send each other flowers and chocolate.
And when we are done with virtual communication,
Let’s talk with our bodies.
Let’s not hold hands though,
When we are scared or tired.
Let’s not share our burdens,
When our bodies and minds hurt,
And our hearts are so full of nothing,
They threaten to explode.
Let’s all grow up, be strong,
Carry our own burdens
Because, that’s what being an adult is about.
And let’s be sure to strangle love
Before it grows too big
For it’s dainty little boots.
How dare it dream
Of a life of choice?

Let’s all get right on up after a big fall.
Move on and be practical.
And when we’re up,
Let’s meet again and celebrate,
We’ll have loads of fun,
We’ll kiss and dance,
Drink, talk and laugh,
And make new memories,
Enough to fill the blank spaces of the mind,
On sunny spring Sundays.

Let’s talk, type, discuss, live –
But let’s stop
Before we become alive humans
Of a burgeoning world.
Let’s silence the conscience
That threatens to clog our throats
Before we start wondering,
Where does “you” end
And “us” begin?
Where does the life
Of your bubbling 2 year old begin
And a Kashmiri girl’s end?
What is the difference in the pain
Of a Syrian mom and you?
What is the boundary between
Your neurons and theirs?
Let’s stop just before
It gets complicated.
Don’t you know,
It’s all about keeping it simple, stupid.

About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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