Construction:: Destruction

This post is inspired by these pictures taken by a friend.

She was in the dark,
as yet misshaped, unformed;
still held up with sticks,
surrounded with the rubble
that follows survival.
Even then
she had the glow
that drew travelers in.

I remember watching her,
her monochromatic skin shining
in the late evening sunlight,
and I knew then
what faith was.

She said to me once,
when you think of me,
don’t think of the destruction
that brought me here –
of garbage, of breakdowns,
of weakness, of endings.
Think of the scaffolds
that support me,
that you climbed on,
as my adornments.

Don’t think of the darkness
in my interiors
where you hid from the world.
Remember me, she said,
for the light you once saw
emanating from somewhere in me,
that brought you to me.

Don’t see me as alone,
aloof and monotone.
Feel the warmth
that calmed your feverish body
when you were inside me.

Don’t think of me, she said,
as under construction –
incomplete, broken, empty.
Remember me, she said,
as the place
you briefly called home.

About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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