Stories from here and there


You touched me like effervescence,
Lingering for but a few moments;
And afterward I stumbled away from you
Wandering right into a wall.


The fading rays of the sun
Shimmer and bounce off my ripples;
Why do they not penetrate my surface,
To lighten the darkness inside.


We were strangers with beer glasses
Sharing stories of lives long gone;
At the end of the night we had become
People who were briefly friends.


Bold and bright, wide and open,
She once showed you the world.
Rusted, burned, patched and broken, today
She reflects whatever you show her.


Picture Credit:  Rwitajit Majumdar

I sat smoking on the bench one evening,
When you came by and asked for a cigarette.
One turned to two and silence to conversation,
As we sat there well into the night,
And got up only to find more smokes.


About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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2 Responses to Stories from here and there

  1. kalateeka says:

    How beautiful, Aditi! The window was my favourite.

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