R for Rain

(The title is inspired by TTT’s series of poems such as this one)

I tumbled onto the world today
Ill-timed, inconvenient and desired,
Making mornings inconvenient and days long.

Pattering on the spaces between
I make everything lose –
Stones, cement, branches and reason –
And weak at the roots.
I create holes
On the ground – and in souls –
Where I fill up and
Dislodge memories and dreams,
That move around and make movies in the mind
And real life unreasonable.

Sitting pretty on leaves,
I tempt the eyes of the woman
Standing on the balcony with her lover.
As he puts his arm around her
And slowly leads her inside,
I ask the wind to carry me too.

I fall through the bars of the window
Onto the floor next to their bed
On the paper that the wind dropped there.
And continue to sprinkle on it – drip, drip, drip.

With each drop the paper softens a little
Until it is wiped clean of everything on it,
Tearing and crumbling as he picks it up.

And then she writhes and crumbles on him too,
Emptied of everything inside her,
Including the parts of me in her eyes.
She sighs and smiles at him.

I withdraw gently with the wind,
So that they may dry
And collect the ignored pieces of their sanity,
To face the washed world – afresh.

About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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