More poetry.

I don’t have words today;
At least none that I can write here,
So I share with you a few cries
From some where I had lost.
Here goes –



Let my heart bleed,
Let me cry slow gasping tears,
Let my breath come out in slow deep sighs
That melt into the air
And burn my hands.
Let my heart break,
Like a brick smashed against the ground.

Let me feel

More pain.
I don’t fear feeling
More pain.

Speak the words to me.
Go ahead,
Break the illusion,
Drop the hand,
Squeeze out the love,
Scratch the memories,
Let them die
A slow graceful death.

The end.

I don’t fear the end,
I fear not knowing.
Tell me, is this the end?

Just say it –

The end.


A status update from FB shared here for posterity –

Spaces – part 2
Once upon a time,
I was here
And you were here too;
In my imagination,
The spaces scarcely enough
To allow one breath to escape.

Today too I am here
And you are here too.
I…                               You.
In my thoughts,
The spaces sparse enough
To not allow one breath in.

About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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