This one is for today.

A title-less poem that I wrote a few days ago – almost on impulse. I just decided I wanted to write a poem and typed the words as they emerged from my brain to my fingertips. The beginning is inspired by a poem of Vikram Seth called “Sit” that always speaks to me.

Come, sit, how are you?

Let’s drink some warm water,

And chat a few minutes.

Here give me your hand,

I will give it a squeeze

And ease the pain out.

Can I sit next to you,

Rest my head on your shoulder,

Will you carry my weight a while?

Let’s walk in the sunshine

And watch our shadows

Dancing into each other.

Let’s go into the moonlight

And watch our hands

Clinging to each other

To keep the dark away.

Let’s walk on the edge

And laugh – you catch me

I’ll hold you.

Let’s be

You and me;

While we can.


We will be others.


This is a poem I posted as a status on FB a few days ago. Posting it here again for posterity!

Aditi Kothiyal Ganguly
February 12

Rhyme and reason for the day-

Here I am;
Look I am wood,
One day I will splinter.
Look I am water,
One day I will bend.
And hopefully,
One day –
I will be me
And stay the way I am.

About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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