Experiments in writing.

I’ve never done this. But there is a first time for everything. So here goes.

There was this writing contest announced for all IIT Bombayites. 1500 words. Write in any form you want. Four topics including one I have been thinking a lot about lately – woman. I saw the announcement on Dec 31. It was open from Jan 1 – Jan 10. Hey I’ll send something in I said to myself and then kept putting it off for work as I always do with these sorts of things. Who wants to put oneself out there? It is scary.

And then one night, two days before the deadline, the words just starting flowing. I couldn’t stop them anymore. So I wrote. It was fragmented; it was unclear; it was too out there for comfort. But in a fit of enthusiasm, I mailed it out anyway. There were sentences in it that I wouldn’t want everybody I know to read. I wondered if it was appropriate for a professor’s wife to write something explicit. It kept nagging me. I showed it to Udayan and apart from some editorial suggestions – things that weren’t clear – he said he was fine if people knew his wife was writing this. I still wasn’t comfortable though. So I sent in a slightly edited version (the deadline was extended for 3 days) along with a pseudonym to publish it under.

Oh but did they pay heed? Nah. They published the new version alright but conveniently forgot the pseudonym. So there it stands on the blog proudly displaying the name of a slightly embarrassed author! However having shown it to a couple of more people, I am more convinced of its appropriateness.

If you are reading this please head over to my essay on Writer’s Bloc and read my piece. It is a completely new genre for me. I’ve only written non-fiction for years; this piece is fiction, not a short story, but a collection of fictionalized life experiences from some of the women around me. I looked forward to your comments and criticisms and if you do have something to say please say it here on this page as I may not check the Writer’s Bloc post often.

Thanks for reading!

About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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