One of those days.

When even food cannot help. Have you had those days? As a kid my mom would know I was sick when I didn’t want to eat. Today was that day, except I wasn’t physically sick, just mentally. It’s not really as melodramatic as it sounds, I am just down because some things are not going as planned. So this evening when I felt hungry, I didn’t really want to eat. I kept trying to tempt myself by street food when I went out – chaat, roll- but nothing swayed me. I resisted everything and kept telling myself it was because I would go home and have dinner. And then when I reached home, I didn’t want dinner either, but ate just to get one chore out of the way. What I did enjoy was having a bowl of cold curd and a couple of slices of cold mango after dinner. The curd was tart and sweet just the way I like it, as were the mangoes, as if a gentle reminder that the best flavors in life are not purely sweet.

Yet, even that wasn’t enough. So I tried something else. I served myself two huge servings of different ice creams with chocolate sauce, both of which were from supposedly good brands, but they didn’t hit the spot. In fact they did nothing. Some things have changed. Until a year ago whenever I was down, eating always lifted me up, especially dessert. I always had store-bought cookies, ice cream and chocolate sauce at home and if I hadn’t baked anything else I would made a cookie sundae and eat it at the end of the day to feel better. Today I kept thinking of all the good food I would eat to lift my spirits up and it didn’t work. Now, at the end of the day, all I want to do is read some good food blogs, look at some food porn, see some food creativity on display. What I need today is food for thought.

About Aditi

My thoughts are who I am and I am what my thoughts make me.
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