Today’s post is going to be a short meandering one. It’s way too late on Saturday night and everyone has gone to sleep. But I have to post something. The morning was quiet enough and then in the afternoon I had this craving for Bong sweets so we swung by Sweet Bengal before lunch and picked up a bunch of sweets. We had some of their mishti doi after lunch – I like it better than the Kolkata doi. It is lighter- not as much ghee and less sweet – slightly tart in fact which is as doi should be. But surprisingly it wasn’t firm enough today, a little too jiggly for my taste. But good enough to lead to sweet dreams and a nice nap. Right after our afternoon naps we headed out to spend the evening at a relative’s place. The hubby’s grandmother’s sister is visiting from Kolkata and she had made some fabulous Dhokar Dalna. On her recent visit, my MIL told me that I would be a a perfect Bong cook if I can make Dhokar Dalna, Kochur saag and mocha. I can make neither and in fact apart from the first, haven’t even eaten the other two. I tried making Dhokas once but was only partly successful. They were too dry. If you are wondering  what the brouhaha is all about head over to Sandeepa’s page.

Today I was thinking of baking a cake to take along in the evening but then chickened out. The idea of taking out all the ingredients and mixing bowls and baking and cooling and cleaning just scared me. I would have to do all this and take care of the baby if needed (since his dad was at home, he was watching him too). I just wanted to sit and not do anything – read the paper, sleep. With the baby the days go by in such a rush that the idea of a minute of quiet was so appealing. I remember the times before baby when I would cook every day. Most days it would be regular everyday food. But on Thursday I would always try out new recipes. And on Friday I would bake for the weekend – cakes and cookies mostly, but sometimes other things as well. On weekends we mostly ate out or ate leftovers. Occasionally I cooked. But those days I enjoyed the process. It didn’t seem like work. Now it does. As long as there exists food – some food – to eat, I am happy. I don’t care what it is. If I have to cook I need to be absolutely sure that baby is in good hands and then I can do my cooking in peace. If I am distracted by what the baby is up to, I get upset. And I think amidst all the joys of having a child in my life, this is one of the things I miss. The freedom to indulge in some of my creative pursuits. I don’t miss being able to go out anytime – I can’t since I don’t have anyone else who can take care of him. Don’t miss watching a movie. But I do miss being able to leisurely cook and eat. That’s all I wish for.

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